Proved Them Wrong

it all started with twitter. 

Reflecting on a few bad-seed teachers who’s harsh words have stuck with me over the years,  I quickly discovered that I was not alone. A LOT of you have experienced the same thing. Teachers, peers, parents, inspiration figures that told you “You’re not good enough” / “You’re never gonna make it.” 

My goal here is not to bash teachers, or people in general. In fact, I want the opposite to occur. My hope is that by sharing our stories of overcoming people’s negative words, we can inspire people to jump on board and encourage more than then discourage. 

Truth is, we will all encounter some form of hate, negativity, or opposition on our paths to success. This is a place to praise the people who helped you, and warn people all over the world to not give up when they meet a few who want to see them fail. 


one simple question:

Who are you trying to prove wrong?

tell your story….

and let’s talk about it.

 Claude Kelly

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